Faculty Staff Development Program

The academic calendar includes 5 Instructional Improvement (flex) days for all classroom faculty. Flex is defined in Title 5 as "in lieu of instruction." It is designed for faculty to conduct staff, student, and instructional improvement activities. These hours must be monitored for state apportionment.

Following are guidelines for implementation of the Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation.

1. All faculty (contract, adjunct, overload) who have a 16-week classroom assignment must meet their Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation.
2. There is no Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation for short-term (less than 16 weeks) or long-term (more than 16 weeks) assignments.
3. All contract faculty must be on campus, or at a designated SDCCD location for the mandatory Instructional Improvement (flex) days. Some of the 20 hours of flex obligation can be fulfilled during these mandatory days.
4. Instructional Improvement (Flex) is required of all faculty teaching a primary term (16-week) class. This requirement is based upon activities that faculty complete in lieu of instruction for the days/weeks that classes would have been in session were the district not on a 16-week compressed calendar (see Title 5, section 55724).

Contract faculty with 1.00 FTE, will have a flex obligation of 10 hours per semester. Adjunct faculty or contract overload assignments will have a flex obligation that is equal to the sum of the weekly classroom hours for all classes assigned.

The required Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation for 2024-25 is as follows:


Fall:       10 hours
Spring:   10 hours
20 hours = 5 days.

Partial contracts will be proportionate.

Adjunct/Overload/Pro Rata:

1 hour per semester for each weekly hour of classroom assignment.

Example: 3 hour class = 3 hours Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation for the semester.
5. Release time does not have an Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation.
6. Non-classroom assignments do not have an Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation.
7. Since a person's Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation can be met by independent contract, faculty may not submit paid leave in lieu of flex.
8. Faculty may not teach another class (short-term, weekend, overload, summer, etc.) to meet their Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation.
9. If flex activities are conducted during the semester, they must fall outside the 30 hour on-campus requirement for contract faculty. Committee meetings are permissible flex activities for contract faculty if held during flex week.
10. Workshop presenters will receive double the Instructional Improvement (flex) credit for the workshop for preparation time and/or administrative responsibilities. The flex coordinator or designee will be responsible to input the correct hours for presenters.

Example: 2-hour workshop presenter will receive 4 hours Instructional Improvement (flex) credit.

Deadline Dates

Faculty who do not meet their Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation will have their pay docked for each hour that is not completed.

Note: Independent projects must be submitted for approval no later than Monday of the 12th week of the primary semester.

Fall:   November 4, 2024
Spring:   April 21, 2025

Adjunct faculty must meet their Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation and mark it as completed for both workshops and independent projects by the following dates:

Fall:   12 noon on December 10, 2024
Spring:   12 noon on May 27, 2025

Contract faculty must meet their Instructional Improvement (flex) obligation and mark it as completed for both workshops and independent projects by the following date:

Fall & Spring:   12 noon on May 27, 2025

The Vice President of Instruction will be responsible for addressing concerns of failure to meet the flex obligation. The semesters are defined as follows:

Fall:   July 1 through December 31
Spring:   January 1 through June 30
12. Activities may include (per Title 5, Section 55724):

Course instruction and evaluation;
Staff Development, in-service training and Instructional improvement;
Program and course curriculum or learning resource development and evaluation;
Student personnel services;
Learning resource services;
Related activities such as student advising, student orientation, matriculation services, and student, faculty and staff diversity;
Departmental meeting, conferences, workshops, and Institutional Research;
Other duties as assigned by the district;
The necessary supporting activities for above.
13. 10-month non-classroom faculty will be required to report back when the semester begins as noted on the academic calendar:
Fall:   08/06/24
Spring:   01/21/25
14. Classroom faculty with reassigned time will be required to report back when the semester begins for the portion of their teaching assignment for which they are released:
Fall:   08/06/24
Spring:   01/21/25
15. Classes begin:
Fall:   08/19/24
Spring:   02/03/25
16. Faculty should enroll in flex workshops before the workshop sessions, but the flex system allows enrollment up to midnight on the day of the workshop. To enroll after the workshop date, contact the flex coordinator at your college. Online verification of completion of instructional improvement activities by faculty will be required by the deadline dates listed in 6 above. Faculty must go to "Your Contract" and mark attendance at workshops and completion of independent projects.
17. Independent Project - an activity that an individual faculty member uses to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their instructional knowledge and/or skill. Faculty will be required to self-report completion of an independent project.

For independent projects that have been submitted ("In Process" status) and approved ("Input" status), faculty must return to "Your Contract" after completion of the project to: 1) mark the project as completed; and 2) click the submit button to receive flex credit.
18. Independent Project proposals will not require advance agreement. However, if during the origination of your project the status is "See Dean/Chair," it is best that you check with your Chair and/or Dean for ways to modify the project proposal. You should then resubmit to receive full flex credit.
19. Since the FLEX obligation is "in lieu of instruction", this obligation must be met each semester. However, if there are special circumstances, they will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Faculty may request an exception via the dean to the Vice President of Instruction. The FLEX office will send regular reports to the appropriate Dean/Vice President reflecting remaining FLEX hour obligations.
20. Banking refers to the carry over of time spent on activities appropriate for flexible calendar beyond the number required by the institution. Faculty hours are automatically carried over. Banking will not carry over to a new academic year.
21. System Requirements:

Windows 98 or better, including Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 2000, or Windows XP. Or MAC OS9 or better.
Netscape 4.03 or Microsoft IE 5.0 or better. Other browsers may work, although they have not officially been tested and support is limited.
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  • The study time associated with a class
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