Faculty Staff Development Program

On behalf of the City, Mesa, and Miramar Staff Development Committees, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the San Diego Community College District's revised and improved online Instructional Improvement (FLEX) Website.

The mission of the San Diego Community College District is to provide a variety of professional and personal growth opportunities in order to meet the challenges of the new millennium. The Staff Development Committees are dedicated to fostering excellence in instruction and providing effective student support services. Programs are designed to support dynamic, comprehensive teaching and learning techniques to promote student success.

One of the most dynamic features of the new instructional improvement program is that now all FLEX activities throughout SDCCD are presented in one, easy-to-use Website. That's right! You will have access to City's, Mesa's, and Miramar's Instructional Improvement (FLEX) schedules. If you see an activity that interests you, you can then enroll online. Our newest feature is faculty will be able to design and submit independent projects all on line. It's easy; just follow the directions.

The three of us have enjoyed collaborating on this important project intended to promote your professional development. We wish you a productive and interesting experience with this revised format.
  Don Long (dlong@sdccd.edu; sdcitypl@sdccd.edu), City College
Janue Johnson (jjohnson001@sdccd.edu; MesaFLEX@sdccd.edu), Mesa College
Allen Andersen (aanderse@sdccd.edu), Miramar College
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