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Graded Classes
Faculty who teach positive attendance tracking classes that require a grade (i.e. CBTE, MATH) are no longer required to submit the Official Grade and Attendance roster at the end of the semester since the attendance hours are captured electronically.

The following procedures have been established:
Faculty will be required to post grades via the online grade sheet.
Faculty may print out, sign and date the online grade sheet and return it to the Admissions and Records Office or they may submit the completed, printed form per usual procedure.
Attendance hours will be posted directly from the tracking system to the student database.
Tutoring (Course #044) Classes
Faculty teaching tutoring courses numbered 044 that are using the automated attendance tracking system will no longer be required to submit grades or rosters. Attendance and pass/no pass grades will be automatically posted for these courses (044) by the tracking system.
The system is not available on Sundays between 5pm - 9pm for weekly maintenance.