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SDCCD remains deeply committed to our students and will do everything we can to ensure their academic success Click here for details
Important Updates to District Policies and Procedures
Supporting Students with Disabilities (text version available under Information)
Accessibility Standards Update - Please Read
Help Reduce Text Book Prices
Emergency Call Box Protocol and Flowchart
To access the Employee Service Center in HCM PeopleSoft, click here Click here to get to the Login page.
A Census Processing indicator has been added to the Drop/Withdrawal/Reinstate tab. This indicator is designed to assist faculty with an acknowledgement that they have completed the Title 5 census processing requirement of clearing rosters of inactive enrollment or indicating there are No Drops to Report.

See the online Help or online Tutorial for more information.
Important Information for all Syllabi
Unofficial rosters are available about one week prior to the class start date.
The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the release of any student educational information to another individual, including family members, without the student's written consent. A consent form can be found under the Class Management tab in the Forms section. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
The system is not available on Sundays between 5pm - 9pm for weekly maintenance.